How to get your money back after "Friends and Family" scam PayPal

Hey all,

Thought I’d share this method of getting your money refunded. It’s worked for me before and I’ve just successfully got someone refunded $1250 after being scammed with friends and family on PayPal.

Now, we know PayPal doesn’t like to refund Friends and Family payments as it’s not protected by them. You will need to fool them into thinking it wasn’t you who sent the money, that’s pretty much the only ammo you have.

You will need to call PayPal and explain to them that someone gained remote access to your computer while you were logged into your account. They can check which IP address sent the payment and will ignore your request if it’s your IP sending the money, which is why you need to tell them this, make sure they understand someone remoted into your computer!

You could say:
I was given a file to run by him, and after running it I noticed my mouse moving around on its own, and my keyboard & mouse locked up, he then used my PayPal account to send himself money.


I was told to download teamviewer and give him the connection info. He connected then suddenly my screen went black, after 2 minutes it came back and he was gone, my browser was closed. I saw an email that money had just been sent on my phone!

It took me 2 phone calls to get my scammed $300 back. Be persistent, the first call taker might not know much about computers. Try and speak to a manager.

It’s probably only best to do this once per person/account, as doing this multiple times is certainly going to be suspicious to PayPal, and they might not honour the next refund request.

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That seems a bit fraudulent, don’t think it’s a good idea

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I don’t think it’s a good idea for PayPal to not refund someone who was scammed when it’s so easy for them to track the money and take it back.

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