How to Easily find scammer websites and numbers!

Step 1. Go to

Step 2. Press on the circle where India is

Step 3. Press Malicious websites

Step 4. There they are, just click on one and then copy and paste the url


nice make sure to post some of the numbers on here so we can help shut them down

@Robot_Chicken#16664 will do!

@ameyai#16665 i already shut one of the india numbers down. btw i think there may be other places with scammers but india is the king of scamming

@Robot_Chicken#16669 The ones I posted or from the website? Also if you wait they just come in waves and it’s a fresh batch

@ameyai#16670 i found a number from the website i will check out urs oh and btw if ur looking for a number that is 24/7 heres one 877-379-5670

if you say anything racisit that have to do with india they get mad

@Robot_Chicken#16664 i posted a few

@Davuun#16733 no that was myphonesupport tons of people like @RamanRoy and @RickrollTheScammers post it

@Davuun#16733 that number is from mps lol. They are trying to get rid of us lmfao