How to download Windows 10 ISO?

I downloaded VirtualBox so I could waste some scammers’ time. I don’t know where to download the Windows 10 ISO image thingy safely and I need help. I am new to Virtual machines.

This post should help you.


@scraps210#9919 Thank you!

How do I boot from USB?

@Nestastic#9978 How to Boot From a USB Device

You cant, unless you saved the iso file to your usb device.

You also have the option to download the ISO and save it on to your usb.

@scraps210#9983 I already downloaded it on to my USB.

Check out this article

If you are going to boot from a USB you can choose to do so from BIOS. If you want to install a full OS onto the USB I’d recommend installing grub and installing the OS on the USB. If you do so to get back into your base OS type these commands into the grub console.

</s>insmod chain<br/> insmod ntfs<br/> set root = (hd0,1)<br/> chainloader +1<e>

Never do this if you don’t know what you are doing because you could end up stuck at grub rescue which makes it hard or even impossible to recover from.