How to connect Vmware Workstation 12 to Wireshark

Sorry for a double upload… I have this plan to show the scammer his location and IP, something like what Lewis’ Tech did. However I couldn’t seem to connect VMware to Wireshark. I couldn’t find vmnet8 or 1.

What interfaces (VMnet1, VMnet8, etc.) do you see if you go to Edit > Virtual Network Editor in VMWare? Is your virtual machine set to NAT?

@etnguyen03#10516 I see vmnet 8 and 1 and yes my vm is set to NAT

@heinekenprince#10521 Can you take a screenshot of the “Virtual Network Editor” page? Can you try starting Wireshark as administrator?

@etnguyen03#10525 I tried launching Wireshark as admin. That didn’t help either :frowning: I’ll send u the screenshot later today as I’m busy rn.


image screenshot-28png.pngimage screenshot-28png.png

@heinekenprince#10551 In Wireshark, have you selected “All Interfaces” by the Capture Filter box? Does VMnet8 appear in the “Network Connections” control panel window (Network and Sharing Center > Change Adapter Settings)?

@etnguyen03#10552 I managed to get it working. Thanks for your suggestions!

@etnguyen03#10552 i have a question. Can i grab the IP of the scammer if they are using Citrix Gotoassist? If so, how? Coz i saw it kept jumping around different ips and it was really confusing.

@heinekenprince#10630 No, the connection passes through Citrix’s VPN/server/whatever first. Citrix’s IP is what you see in Wireshark.

@etnguyen03#10631 oh ok. But if they use TeamViewer or LogMeIn it would work. I see. Thanks for helping!