How to call scammers and efficiently waste their time?

Hello people,
I have a serious question and I will need some guidance through the process. So I have everything necessary to start scamming scammers (installed virtual box on my Mac, connected studio equipment like mic, mixer and audio interface), but how is it going to work from my mobile phone? I live in the UK btw. What are the codes that I need to enter for each country so Im able to go through as most of the telephones I tried instantly canceled the call and I was wondering if I’m doing something wrong.
Will be very grateful if someone gets to answer my questions and guide me through it.


If you want to call scammers on american numbers (which 99% of them use), then get an VPN with an American server (protonvpn is a free one) and sign up for Its a free US phone number that can call US based numbers.