How not to get a lawsuit filed against you while using this forum

Short read about the very basics to not get your data disclosed, have the forum taken by scammers or whatever. Mostly focuses on the users & not so much the admins/staff/owners but they’re included as well

Section 230 protects this forum from what the users post, so long as it’s civil & doesn’t violate law.

Things that owners, users and what not shouldn’t do:

  1. Making threats. This includes but not limited to: DDoS Attacks, Ratting, Harassing, Physical/Life Threatening actions, Property damage, Intellectual damage

  2. Hacking: Yes sure most of everyone here knows some people deploy malicious software to people being ‘accused’ of scamming technological devices. Where this is known, The owners of the forum don’t really condone it. Making threats or even ‘helping’ others can make you a criminal. Although unlikely, it’s still a problem. can hand out your information if they believe someone is in the wrong. This is why NOBODY SHOULD BE DISCUSSING IT.

  3. Harassment: I get it, You found a new phone number & this person is really fucking scamming some old lady. You’re very angry and share the number + proof of them scamming. Do not encourage people to spam, flood or generally just be an annoying person. The less shit you say the better. Leave a like, Move on, Don’t say “LOL they’re so angry” as this just helps the scammers legal case. If they’re unable to prove you’re the one calling the better.

  4. Inciting others to do illegal things: As said in harassment & Hacking don’t encourage others to do illegal acts. Posting a scammers number or website isn’t illegal. If you find their info: Again nobody can ‘prove’ how you obtained it unless you ran your mouth. Joe Schmoe could’ve gave you the address, name & Information about the scammer in Dehli india but that doesn’t matter as you don’t have to claim where it was obtained from, As far as law enforcement/legal goes: you found it in a publicly addressed data breach or from a ‘close unnamed person’.


  1. SHUT THE FUCK UP. That’s a good old thing to do. Leave a like but if you wanna comment, leave a new number or some proof of connections yk? Shit that’s not laughing at what you’re doing that’s known as ‘harassment’. Scammers typically will use any ‘sort of remarks at their so called torment’ to get rid of you & the forum.

  2. Like a post. There’s no need to comment something stupid, Elaborate on something that’s needed to be elaborated upon. If you can’t add some quality to the discussion or a new phone number. Give the thread a nice like. Shows you appreciate others.

  3. Use a VPN & Use a brand new username I know most VPN providers are blocked. Chloe is a very unique username here on the forum. I know Thunder isn’t likely to believe an EDR sent to about me doing some illegal shit that involves terrorism. Discord & Twitter are majorly different hence why I separate my usernames or rotate them out for a freshly made one that’s unique to me. IPs, Usernames & other shit can be used to identify you. Again those scammers cannot get your info if nobody has a good record of your information/real life identity.


If the Admins/owners/staff have to disclose your information, The scammer might not be allowed to press charges on you. Most nations refuse to extradite or hear cases from other nations. In Russia we do not extradite to other nations. Even if you’re on the run from the rest of the world you’re not going to be extradited to whatever nation ‘wins’ the bid for your head. So, Keep that in mind.