How do you get a scammer pop-up to appear on your computer?

I just want to know how i can get a scammer pop-up to appear on my VM to troll them.

@JesusInfectedMyPC#5251 Type in random websites like youutbe,com or goolge,com and you’ll eventually get one, or go to a porn/torrent/video site and click the ads.

@memes#5253 okay thanks.

Baiting scammers is fun, See below (assistance)

@JesusInfectedMyPC#5251 Mistype popular sites.

@JesusInfectedMyPC#5251 hxxp://, hxxp://

@Jnteamed#5309 i know i put a rat one took a long time to though. (i use an encrypted NJRat gold edition)

@R34P3R#5319 thanks!

@JesusInfectedMyPC#5338 Yes, Did you guys check out my phony support connection?

(Link are below)

@Jnteamed#5341 yes when i first saw your links.

@Jnteamed#5341 i wonder how many wiruses im gonna get from some windows downloads

Try this:

Everything else > Downloads > Admare/malware.

@Jnteamed#5355 should i not click on anything on that on my actual PC??

[“How do you get a scammer pop-up to appear on you computer?”,“How do you get a scammer pop-up to appear on your computer?”]

@JesusInfectedMyPC#5356 Use a spare PC and have Microsoft C++ redistribute 2015.

This is one program that refuse to work with emulation like virtual box.

@Jnteamed#5358 okay

If you don’t have a spare PC,

download Comodo antivirus 10 and run the program in the container.

Oh and one more thing, If you are in india and got hired in the call center, download everything in their PC and run the application. They have free computers, Just be careful.

@Jnteamed#5341 Your site is down. Access is forbidden

@R34P3R#5391 Yes, because they don"t allow uploading the visa gateway.ex (I took off the e at the end and the control panel gone crazy and i got disconnected from my account.