How do they use hold music?

How do scammers use hold music?

They gotta put a lot more effort then just Please wait while we are transfering to our next available agent.

@Jnteamed#4434 “Please wait while we are transferring you to our next available agent” is funny to me because its all high pitched. It cracks me up because its funny and they are trying hard to seem legit xD.

@Jnteamed#4434 Most VOIP providers for call centers offer this service. There really isn’t too much involved with hold music and answering prompts, it just depends on the gateway you’re using. Most gateways are inexpensive and allow call hold music to be added as well as other functions such as entering a conference code to forward the number to a representative, or answering questions via the number pad.

They use VOIP

@Soriental#4450 VOIP is just the fashion in which calls are sent, all call centers and many individuals use VOIP these days. That has absolutely nothing to do with hold music, as it is possible to have hold music on analog systems as well.

If you want hold music on your android, use teamviewer.

And also I played some offensive music on them and they don’t care.