How do I sign up for BobRTC?

I cannot for the life of me get past BobRtc’s sign up. It keeps telling me that my registration was rejected and I’ve tried multiple times. Is it even possible to use at this point?


Pretty sure they closed registration as a result of something weird, There’s a post about Bob.rtc somewhere on the site detailing why but not sure.

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It’s possible. Read the FAQ and follow instructions.

I’ve also had that same problem

1 Like I advise to follow this to the tee, as the Mods and software will ban you quickly…They are understandably fed up with the BS of some idiots!!

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So my problem is that I forgot my password and whenever I try to reset it doesn’t allow me to proceed.

I can only “guess” on this. Either PM or post for a Mod, or start a new account. That would suck if you have tons of XP points, but so what. I’ll ask in the chat room for you when I log back into BoB. And be advised, after 20 min of inactivity you’ll have to relog.

Thank you all! I will try everything suggested!