How do i set-up a virtual machine?

Is there a guide/ vmware harddisk file to use please?

If you need a premade vm I recommend

Virtual Machines - Microsoft Edge Developer

@ThePlayBoit#121670 There exist many tutorials on YouTube and technology oriented websites for setting up a Virtual Machine in general, I recommend watching one of those and then using something like Jim Browning’s ( or Shiva’s ( guide to prepare it for a scammer, keep in mind these assume you are using VMware, but most of the registry edit can be applied to VirtualBox/Hyper-V as well. For a pre-made virtual machine, the only options I know of are the ones that Microsoft supplies: Virtual Machines - Microsoft Edge Developer (same link that @grabscammersip#121676 supplied above), or the one I have uploaded to MEGA within the TLS Discord scambaiting-tips channels (towards the top). Unfortunately, the one I uploaded doesn’t seem to be compatible with VMware, but most information is already disguised, so following one of the above tutorials wouldn’t necessary.