How do I get pop-ups outside of the US?

Hello there, I have a VM, a VoIP, and everything else ready, but I have one problem, I live in Europe, how do I get popups outside of the US and UK? I am having a hard time to find scammers. I remember there were posts about it but I can’t find them as they were deleted.

People say I should try a VPN, I am using a VPN, but I am not getting any popups, I get redirected to News sites, “Verify if you’re a human” sites, terraclicks blocked IP and all that. Any good free VPNs or budget VPNs that bypass this?

I also tried ProxySite, but that never worked.

Any solutions?

Yeah Welcome
You Cant use Free Vpn
You Should Use A Paid Vpn That has residential Ips
Or Try Tuxler Its A Free One

also To Generate Popup Check PopupDB Generator

Hey there, Tuxler is very unstable on my VM, I can not change the countries most of the times, maybe any other free VPNs? Maybe some proxies? Thanks.

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hey i really dont have any of others but there are few paid that i found idk if they are legit or not but here is one of them