How can I get tech support pop ups?

Hi, I’m new to scambaiting and I’ve been using BOBRTC and stuff for getting my numbers… But, usually, after about an hour or 30 minutes of uptime, it gets banned so I have trouble looking for them. I know to use microsoft edge and residential vpn, but other than that, I know nothing. None of those link spammers work for me… Any help is appreciated, and I hope to someday post numbers on here to give back! Thanks, and have a nice day!

  1. Make sure that your vpn is actually residental and its not detected as a proxy
    (I suggest you read what is a vpn and a proxy and what types of proxies there are; usually paid vpns are good enough)
  2. Try switching to Chrome - this might help you, i personally don’t look for popups and i find this very slow method of finding them, but i’m coding my own automatic pop-up finder which will do all the dirty work for me!
  3. Try using or other old popupdb clones

I hope that i helped you


ty turns out i get popups from chrome

got 2 on my first set