How can I get a virtual number and create Whatsapp with it?

Obviously Im not going to use my own number for scammers but idk how i can get a usa number and be able to use it for scambait (i dont think so its possible for free but idc if its free or not i just want to know a way)

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I’m pretty sure if you use an app called Talkatone and get a number from there, you can easily setup a whatsapp account with it.


If not there is company that will set a new number up for you and forward all calls and texts to a UK phone number

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Talkatone - Works with WhatsApp! I have an account. Get a call instead of a text, service WILL recognise the text is from whatsapp with the code and they label it as a “premium” message and you need to pay a little extra to unlock your text message with the code.

TextNow - NOT YET tried it as I don’t need a second account.