How can I find scams?

This is something that has been frustrating me for quite a long time now. The only thing that connects me to scammers is Scammer HotLine (basically it’s a number that you call and it says press one to talk to a scammer) and it finds scammers for you. But that barely works anymore. This week it was under maintenance for 3 days and another 2 days it said no scammers are online.
So I decided to find scam numbers manually.
-Can anyone tell me where can I find scam pop ups? I have a VPN which offers me a USA residential IP address at no cost (I am not located in the US nor the UK nor Australia and scammers don’t target non English speaking countries most of the time) so I want a site which can open misspelt URLs which lead to advertisements and fake Technical Support Pop-Ups.
-Also, how can I get emails from scammers claiming to be from a big companies refund department? I check my spam folder every day but none of the emails are related to scammers who take remote access of your computer (such as refund scams where you have to fill a form)
Thanks for all the help!