House rent 8889668964

Scam Number: 8889668964
Scammer’s Website or Email: text
Additional information about this scam:
Fake text about 50% discount house rent

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yeah, he wasn’t feeling it.

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Extra dumb. Indian accent. Told me that he is the new owner of the house and he will “do the rent at 50% off” but he needs a $500 Target gift card for the application fee. :laughing:



still on it … this is a call center

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A female picked up and barely spoke English. Not sure where they are located. I asked for a two room house with two bathroom. She asked my email address and sent me a message.

Next time I called, a guy picks up and asked for my credit score. And, wants me to fill up credit check form.

Looks like this number goes to many people.


that is exactly what happened to me

lets get them down

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The guy is reporting me now. :smiley:


they are relentless

They are… where are they located?

Not sure. I only had 2 calls, one seemed American. One seemed foreign (prob Indian)
They also directed me to credit check site via email.

I got the same

I have every number mentioned an possibly a couple more
When we flood them with hundreds of calls in bursts, they start calling back like lunatics with everything they’ve got

We’re getting over 1000 call back numbers a day
Just got 4 toll free inbounds from a tech support popup number
If only they realized what harm their greed is doing to their cashflow outlook
Stupid bastards wouldn’t know shit from shoe polish!

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