Hotmail Scam


1 855 559 7512

Both of them seem to go to the same people. Tech support for “Hotmail”. I opened 5 hangouts and started spamming their lines not saying anything. They’re pretty funny. I kept opening more though as i got into it. After about 10 mins they shut down their lines. But they keep re-opening them. Oh, also just an update, when you call this number make sure to ask Derek about the sleepover at Rakesh’s and start talking a load of random stuff about it ?.

Great number ? How did you find it? I can’t wait for my computer to be sorted so I can take scambaiting to the next level

Classical music, my downfall… ?

@Flinty94#2140 I have a Hotmail email that i always use for scams and nothing else, and this just happend to appear in my inbox, i also done a simple google search about a week before for email support for scams and this come up as well but i didn’t want to mess with them. It was really odd, I was talking via the live chat to them saying i couldn’t get through because i was spamming the lines with like 10 google hangouts ? He then proceeded to try and fix it by calling me but i said i was in the UK (Even though i am already) on work and thats my my IP was coming up as Manchester and i was using the Hotel’s internet. He wanted my number but i said it was strictly for work and nothing else and its my only phone. He then wanted to connect to my PC (?? What why does a email helper want to connect to my PC?) Then he said it will cost $100 to CHANGE MY PASSWORD that i “forgot”!!?? WHAT!? He then asked for my email and last known password which i said it might be this one and i sent him it saying i have bad eyesight and i might of typed it wrong, and sure enough it worked. I think he was surprised that it worked because he said that my account was hacked and unsafe even though there was nothing wrong with it just so he could get his $100. I also made another email just to send that one loads of hate and mean messages to mess with the scammer calling myself a batty boy and telling myself to die pretending it was a bully or something, which he said was the hackers. Then i started to mess with him by playing things on the VM like Little T Road Rage EarRape and Donald Trump says China. Then i confronted him and he played dumb. I couldn’t get him to click the link i sent him which would show his IP and location. Yeah, ill mess with them later again lol.

@NateTheCarrot#2144 Haha, yeah the music gets me as well!