Holiday scammers

305 448 7450

use the code: 88500, or 500

Didn’t answer, number goes to 954 854 7692 I believe. Not sure if legit

Not a scam. Company is Homewood Suites by Hilton, Hilton Worldwide.

just so you guys know I got the numbers from “myjackcity” in another thread. I just happened to find some access numbers.

I recommend to not re post numbers here. Rule 7. But i will give you some leniency.

Please see post on vacation scams. They may be spoofing real numbers. YouTube is is not my thing, but would be nice if someone proved the scam by getting to the credit card part so that everyone can see. I know there is one amazing blue vacation scam video posted. If they answer the phone “holidays” it’s them.

These guys will call back on non 800 / non local numbers when they get pissed off. They can be quite threatening.

If you get a legit hotel company because they spoofed the number, inform them of the scam. They are our greatest allies. The scammers use the Hilton, Wyndham, and Marriott among others in their robocalls. Lately they say they are RCI a Wyndham company. They carry a lot of legal weight.