Hilarious rude scammer

I scambait the same way perogi from scammer payback does it. I don’t use a voice changer but I change my voice on my own I am a man yet I do a grandma voice this dude at 216-553-4588 raises his voice then I ask him if he’s doing that because someone broke his Barbie dream house lol. There terrible scammers and they’re very very rude……BEWARE lol

what type of scam is this?

The number has been listed before
PCH robocall number

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ah alright, I assuming no claim code?

hang on

2165534588 PCH claim code 85647PCH

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It for sure has the wait music like indian tech support does lol

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2165534588 : I originally got Indian Tech Support music as well. I got a human who only said “Hello.” He hung up when I said I heard I won the Sweepstakes.

I always have receipts
I make between 2 and 3 million calls a year, know every scam and every aspect of it.
I also know virtually every number scammers currently use and have used over the last 3 years
Tracking them and extracting whatever I want from them and their systems is very easy to do and what I do after having invested many years to research and learning, then more time developing, instead of wasting time with the bizarre notion that wasting their time is the goal. It isn’t and doesn’t harm nor hinder them in the slightest.

This is from a couple of days ago in the evening on this very number