"High Quality Cheap Smurfs" SPAM SERVER

Popup - CASHFLOW (discord.com)

!Cashflow Slave#5945 (UID: 926161377465356358)
! supmatic#1124 (UID: 340933408869842965)
!nick#0385 (UID: 398972894618845185)

Associated Shoppy Storefront - Shoppy

These spammers have created a series of Soraka-bots for ranked matchmaking in the MOBA title League of Legends. Unlike most bot accounts, however, these also promote the spammer’s Shoppy storefront and Discord server in pre-game and post-game chat with the following copypasta:

https://discord.gg/cashflow1 High Quality Cheap Smurfs 50.000+ BLUE ESSENCE - 1.80 EUR. (10.000 Satisfied Customers). Shoppy

The following products are for sale based on region (NA, EuNE, EuW, LAN, LAS, Oce, Brazil, RUSSIA, Turkey):

  • Amazon Prime Capsules - 1€
  • High-Quality Fresh Smurf (Lv 30 account, with either 50k Blue Essence or champion capsules) - 1.80€
  • High-Quality Fresh Smurf with 45k Blue Essence, 1,300 Riot Points & a 30-day Exp boost - 3.45€
  • Fresh Handleveled Account - 16€ (North America/RUSSIA), 18€ (Europe)
  • Fresh Handleveled ARAM - 17€ (North America/RUSSIA), 18€ (EU Nordic & East)
  • Fresh Handleveled ARAM with 650 Riot Points and a 30-day Exp boost - 20.95€ (Eu West)

Users can also get free accounts by inviting 15 other users into their Discord server.

The server has also partnered with the following account markets:

Disclaimer: We don’t know if this is a scam but certainly it’s spamming and shady and against League of Legends’ Terms of Service so anyone who really wants to buy there does it on his own risk. We do not encourage using cheating websites.