Hiding msinfo32 from VMWare

How can i hide msinfo32 from VMWare?

I tried it on regedit but no luck.

Do you mean you just want to get rid of msinfo32?

You can just delete the .exe, as for editing the information, you’ll have to do some registry hacks / bios hacks, which unfortunately I don’t know how to do.

I meant i dont want rid of msinfo32 but i want change the things on msinfo32. Like VMWare to Dell or so.

@thunder#323 I think you mean so that it doesn’t display “VMWare” if a scammer types this. The easiest way to do this is to ensure that the VM reflects the host’s BIOS information instead of the VMware BIOS. Just add this line to the .vmx file:

SMBIOS.reflectHost = TRUE

Also, avoid installing VMWare tools. Although this means that the machine will run slower (and you can’t do things like cut and paste between the VM and the host), if will make the VM more stealthy. There are very few indicators that it’s a VM (only the driver description of the virtual HDD and optical drive).

Thanks I removed vmware tools and putted SMBIOS.reflectHost on .vmx but I regret that there is no more aero ?. Because aero is so beautiful.

You can install VMware tools, just hide the icon from the task bar.


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I don’t know if I can post files on here… but I just use a program called ‘UNLOCKER’ to delete all the files they try to access in windows/system32. I also replace ‘tree’ and ‘netstat’ with .bat files that do funny shit when they try to run them ? just be sure to backup any files you delete, unless you have a snapshot of your clean system you can restore. Good luck, and have fun!

Good point JimBrowning11, Ill have to try that... I didn't know about reflecting the host bios.

Here is the simple code I use to replace tree command, just put this in a text file and save it in system32 as tree.bat, and make sure you remove or change the original tree DOS app:

@echo off
color 04
echo !This is not any kind of scan you SCAMMER ASSHOLE!!!
goto :start