Here's a phishing page you guys can destroy

Amazon phishing page



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Hello world!

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This person lives in Iceland. Please give them a call or send a letter (actual paper, not by email because the email address is hidden)
Report to NameCheap. We got our target.
Click here to see the Google Streetview of the location


Number shows up in different places.

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smh, do you not see that that’s a whois protection service… @anon47227696


I wasn’t aware at all


Your guys are smart, I got a lot of intel from people working within call centers. Also a good group of devoted people helps the most. Certain person have my Whatsapp for intel, They even will sneak in a thumb drive, But thats all I can mention.


scam site same

Old thread I know, but it’s weird how many registrants have this, this one just links back to some rando youtuber.
You think it could be an IP grabber or a affiliate link? don’t see much purpose in having some fishy looking site just to link to your YT.


Welcome @newbie

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Welcome aboard @newbie

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Old thread but I was apart of a NFT rug pull and it’s website it registered from is using all this same information. Pretty sure the Jon Dugle is Johnny from Dank Ducks NFT but I could be wrong bc that mentioned above does look fishy and it’s someone out of russia. Maybe the russian used fake accounts before creating the nft rug. I’m knee deep into finding this person


The same company tried to scam me yesterday!
For plane tickets. I actually purchased 5 plane tickets , the site looked so real. After I pressed purchase I got an email of a pdf file . I thought it was fake right away. I called the number and a guy answered “hello?” In Broken English . I immediately hung up, called my credit card, there were no fees or charges yet and I canceled my card and had a new one re-issued. Then I found so much stuff about this person located in Iceland , supposedly.
Company calls itself

Kalkofnsvegur 2 101 Reykjavik Capital Region






[email protected]


That isn’t the scammer sadly. That is WHOIS protection, this makes the domain owners information private useful for people who don’t want it public but also useful for scammers.


He’s still going anyone know how to get past redacted for privacy on whoIS?

He’s still going by the way he now has a website called I’m in a group of tipsters and one of them keeps saying to use that site so I’m going to ask if he knows the number and say it called me acting confused hahahahaha

I was scammed by this website three days ago. I lost all of my investments in Metamask wallet. The person convinced me that they are developing a game and I was interested to try their game.

The app popped up a Metamask login window which I thought is connected to my browser. I thought that is a normal web3 games, because usually web3 games were installed outside the store. is another of his/their sites.