Help With Syskey'd PC

Hi all

I have an older friend who has an elderly mother, I think she was a victim of a tech support scam and her computer was Syskey'd, anyone know how we can fix it?

I would try random passwords untill you get the diagnostic screen,then go to advance and do a restore,hopefully this helped if it didn’t I can try to help you more!


What’s the number she called? When she called? What’s her first name?

Maybe i can help.

There may be a hack around it, using a Windows CD and the Command Prompt.

@Koko#8370 I’ll speak to my friend, he didn’t say much about it earlier

If you can boot into a linux OS, you can remove the syskey.

Also go to the system32 and delete syskey after this is fixed.

I’d recommend memes’ idea. @Flinty94#8372