Help starting Scambaitng

G’day. got a couple of questions

  1. Is there a method to find fake virus popups relatively easily?
  2. When using a RAT, what’s the best way to upload it to a scammers PC?
  3. Once the RAT is uploaded and running, how do you stop windows defender from flagging it?

My apologies if any of this can't be answered or isn't supposed to be discussed here, any help is appreciated though


For your first question, you can join our discord server(TLS / where, among many other things, we have a #popupdb channel. This uses the popubdb bot which regurally gives links to popups.

For your questions about RAT’s, they are illegal (even if you are using them against scammers), and we prefer not to talk about them.

@JRettling#176787 If you’re new to scambaiting, RATs aren’t for you. First and foremost, it’s illegal to use them, even against scammers. And if you’re so new to scambaiting, that shouldn’t be your priority anyway. This stuff in the wrong hands can cause more harm than good.

Check out this guide to learn more about investigative scambaiting: