Hello | 419 Scam

Initial email:
Ramiro Ortiz [email protected]

Good day
Please can I talk to you?

Response email:
Ramiro Ortiz [email protected]

My name is Ramiro Ortiz. I have an inheritance claim in your last name. Would you be interested in claiming this fund from the bank? I will provide you with all the necessary documents to make this claim. The money is in a private bank account. If you are interested, I will send you more details.


Third email:
Good day to you

Thanks for your answer. I hope we can work together on what I’m about to discuss with you. I am Peter’s personal account officer and he has a huge sum of money with us. Please read and understand my email correctly. In short, the fund in question was deposited with my bank by a deceased Peter. He had a $35,000,000.00 ($35 million) deposit in my bank for 108 calendar months in 2005. The due date for this escrow agreement was the latest January 22, 2020. Unfortunately, Peter was one of the fatalities in the coronavirus of March 21, 2020 which killed over 2,000 people in Italy. He was on a business trip in Italy and that’s how it came to an end.

My bank management doesn’t know about his death yet, I knew about it because he was my friend and I was his account manager. Peter did not mention any relatives/heirs when opening the account and he was not married nor did he have children. Last week my bank manager asked about Peter. You need his instructions because he has to take care of us. I know they will ask about Peter. So I was looking for a solution, if my bank manager happens to find out that Peter is dead and has no heir, they take the money for their personal use. So I don’t want that. You share the same surname as Peter, if we work together I will present you as the next of kin/heir on the account.

The account will be released to you without any risk. As Peter’s former account officer, I can work out a structure that allows you to be next of kin; and the money is split 50/50 if you have the money with you. I intend to give part of my share to charity. Take this opportunity to work with me and I will give you the blueprint of how it will work perfectly without a doubt. I’ll give you more details if I think you won’t betray me.

Goodbye for today

You got the inheritance format/their script. They want to pay through a money mule they have or a cash app or Paypal of a few hundred dollars.