"Heather with Tax Relief Advocates Also Known As TRA" (800) 511-4164

Just received a missed call from +1 (260) 201-5754 with the following voicemail left behind:

+1 (800) 511-4164

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Spoke to “Nestor Carcache” as he answered my incoming call and asked if he’d email me his credentials, quite polite and more than willing - Told me to do my research on TRA and call back if I wanted an appointment or whatever, zero questions asked as to why I wanted his credentials from the get go or anything. Pretty chill person overall etc etc etc:

  • ASSOCIATED COMPANY: TRA (Tax Relief Advocates)
  • AGENT NAME AND ROLE: Nestor Carcache (Resolution Officer)
  • AGENT EMAIL: [email protected] (Direct Work Email)
  • AGENT CALL BACK: +1 (949) 504-4614 (Direct Line)

Associated Better Business Bureau (BBB) Page: Tax Relief Advocates | Better Business Bureau® Profile

Associated Facebook Page: Tax Relief Advocates | Irvine CA

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Missed call from +1 (260) 272-8465
Same shit

Tells me to call +1 (800) 511-4174

Missed call from +1 (760) 368-2939
No voicemail or text message, calling it back asks you stay on the line if you ‘allegedly’ own $5,000 or more in backtax debt. Or, press 2 to speak to a Manager if the call was made in error and to be added to the internal DNC list.