Hear a victim

This lady lost $50,000 using Bitcoin ATM
Geek Squad, Alex Brown


The AVAH team will reach the victim.


Sadly, I get as many as a dozen calls a week where I listen to a single call, several calls in the vicinity, or the entire call center deafening chatter is audible.
Sometimes barging directly into a single call, with the scammer and victim audible.

Unmuting and telling the victim they’re being scammed, they’re not speaking with the company they think they are and they hang up is sometimes the only thing that can be done, when they don’t mention a phone number or give any details of their name, or where they’re being told to go to withdraw money or buy gift cards.
“Your nearest branch or local Walmart or CVS”, means nothing, when you have no other details to even know what city or state they’re in.

There’s nothing worse than overhearing someone losing an amount like this and not being able to do a damn thing about it except take the call centre offline around this call to ensure no-one else can get through to them.

I had an instance where an identical amount being stolen from an elderly lady last month and could not warn her in any way.
It’s disgusting the way they have the victim on speaker phone and mute the call to them as they talk tactics and abuse them, calling the poor victim all sorts of terrible things, then unmuting to tell them they are their grandmother or a someone more important to them than their family.

It sickens me but we can only do what is possible.
I’m fairly good but haven’t quite mastered the impossible just yet.


I called and texted her 20 or so times. Only today she called me back.


I have had instances of the scammer saying the victims number, saying “I will call you back on this numbers from my direct line”.
Then virtually call flooding the victim until they pick up to tell them they’re being conned by criminals, there is no refund or overpayment and simply contact your bank right away.

Those instances are very few in the multiple hundreds, possibly over 1000 calls I’ve had like this.
When you call their systems so rapidly it confuses them into an auto answer through a headset laying in an unoccupied cubicle, or they don’t know what lines remain open.

When there is excellent audio of something very revealing, or embarrassing the scammers have said, that audio gets blasted back to them in the next few hundred calls they receive.
There is nothing better to bring an entire call center down in record time when that situation presents itself :joy:

The Chime call center in the apartment has disappeared entirely once the 67 minute audio of the couple doing the deed 3 times after first discussing names and other revealing details about themselves was obtained in an open line recording from before they were call flooded into calling it a day and the post celebrations began.

Playing back the climactic squeals, moans, groans and them both yelling each others name was more than they could handle and both their toll free numbers (as well as the website they had), went very dead very quickly. :grin:


I’m glad the AVAH team will be reaching out to the victim. I come across victims in my feelings with various things too and it always hurts, whether it’s background sounds, voicemail tricks or other things. Unfortunately, our resources are always a little overwhelmed but we’ll keep going.


AVAH folks did reach the victim yesterday.

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But how are they gonna get her money back. If they even can?


In this situation AVAH team probably will console her get scammer details and guide her how to contact authorities including FBI.

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Yea, but this might depend on if the Indian authorities give a fuck or not.


update from the female victim ($50k loss)
Scammer fake Alex Brown