Healthcare admin scam (606) 442-4024 "ACA"

Scam Number: (606) 442-4024
Scammer’s Website or Email: n/a
Additional information about this scam: Cold call, promising free healthcare. These chodes claim they are “federal employees” SUPER chody and very, very, very patronizing. Here is the incoming cold call:

Here is Alina the ‘federal government’ employee:

They impersonate the ACA program and also they impersonate federal employees. It took all my might to stay quiet ya’ll and NOT respond to the victim blaming from “Alina”. I trust you guys you will NOT hold back with these bullies
In the end they transfer you the USA insurance broker, mine was also super rude. This American wanted my credit card and was very, very condescending. Did not tolerate any question. I gave my dummy CC but I doubt she will use it.
The brokerage marketing team is supposed to call me, and I will post the broker recording/website, license ID and phone number later on if they don’t respond to me.


I’ll be very nice to them. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Active today, transferring to American brokers.


Note: The Pakis are asking for ‘another’ zip code for you to give them if you live in a state where ACA does not cover. They are encouraging insurance fraud by requesting another zip code and the Americans brokers are supporting that. All the Americans want is to sell a policy.