Hannah Kidder / hannahk_bless (Bitcoin investment scam)


Hannah Kidder’s account: https://www.instagram.com/hannahk_bless/

Scam text: Wow🤩 I did the trade with $1,000 and got
$6,500 in 1 hours, it’s very legit and safe, dm her @hannahk_bless
if interested

she’s to be trusted, she’s my friend



Hey Did you see my testimony about Bitcoin mining that i posted ?

I am competing for an ambassador position on an online influencer program, can you vote for me?

Extra Info: Another one of my old group home friends got hacked, this time they are peddling this “make money by investing in crypto” scam AND the “vote for me in an online influencer program” scam. I won’t share their account for privacy but will share the account they are linking to.

these scams are so common, thank you for sharing them

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