Guy successfully shuts down a call center with 100 calls per second

Hey guys,

maybe you’ve heard about the guy flooding some scammers with calls.

Another guy now is joining the fight and managed to get the scammers to reboot their call center within minutes.

Maybe this scammer problem will be a thing of the past soon


That is exactly what needs to happen to many of these scammer call centers simply wonderful

You do realize most call centers have multiple numbers, shutting one number down doesn’t really stop them from scamming.

I think he said that he calls all of the numbers he can find.

BTW if you're the uploader of the video I would love to get the source for this, or at least know which phone API you use.


^ Not a suggestion

@memes#8075 Not the exact source but someone recreated the code for the spam call app:



Don’t train your enemies to defend against scambaiting, instead, bored them out.

@Jnteamed#8089 if you don’t like it, don’t use it. Simple as that.

@technotommy#19571 Will yours be free?