Grabbing scammer's ip Youtube video

Grabbing Scammer's IP and locating him+He has trouble spelling eventvwr! - YouTube

Grabbed his ip and location using wireshark. Pls watch! Subscribe if ud like. He sounded so worried in the end!

What software did you use to get his IP Address?

@LuckVintage#12027 He said he uses WireShark.

@thunder#12030 Yes, I just found that out. Thank you anyway.

Is it just me or can I not get any? They all use GoToAssist so I can’t capture it

@FOXYCallum1#12039 I can’t get any either.

@LilBroomstick#12039 Ya GoToAssist won’t let you grab their IP. I always use a VPN+have wireshark open every time I scam bait just in case they use Supremo or LogMeIn. Sorry for the late reply sir, just finished my O levels is a Indian vpn address, so they could be anywhere not necessarily in noida