Got some tips for me (new to scambaiting)?

Hey there,

I got inspired from many many youtubevideos to do Scambait myself.

I want join the Scambait Comunity and waste much time of these idiots. And spam their chats.

Do you have a 101 guide or some useful tips for me ?

Best regarts.

Here are my tips:

There are 209 million Americans over age 18. If every single adult American

called just one scammer per week, the scammers’ phone lines would be

so overwhelmed that they would have to shut down.

I get my phone numbers mostly from these six sites, in this order:

If that does not work, I then Google these search terms. With each search,
I filter for the last 24 hours or even the last one hour.
"social security"
"U.S. Customs"
"US Customs"
"legal action"

People have recently asked me how I record calls.

I make the outbound phone calls with Google Voice or TextNow. Sometimes, the sound quality seems a tad better with TextNow.

I normally make the calls on a normal desktop computer, with a USB headphone/microphone. I record the conversations using OBS Studio, available for free at: With the older version that ended in "1," I had to make some modifications to avoid an annoying echo. In the audio mixer, I muted all the audio tracks *except* for track one (audio input capture) and track three (desktop audio). In the newer version that ends with "2," I only have to worry about two tracks, and I leave both running.

I then take the Mp4 files and upload them to Movie Studio 16.0 (which I had to pay for, but free movie software is available online.) If I was going to choose a free program, I would probably use Movie Maker 10, available at: If I get an inbound call from a scammer, then I have to improvise by filming the cell phone with a video camera. If you do not want people to see the inside of your home, I would recommend covering the image with a JPG of your choosing.

I use text now 2nd line for calling … I like to hoard SSA scammers the most .lately they been scarce because of COVID gone wild in India and a lot of the call centers got busted. You can join bobrtc discord too … Has many different features on it. and there is a mosh pit on bobrtc .

:joy:… That’s fun too … give all false info to scammers and fake phone numbers … They have a section on here about the rules of this forum. Post all info you can get about the scammer … Location number what kind of scam it is … make sure u post it in right thread … Have fun and WELCOME to … Best forum ever​:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

My scam baiting consists of me targeting HMRC scammers and obtaining their bank details to report to the banks and action fraud UK (currently 46 obtained since 24th January 2021)

I am terrible with tech so only make calls

I am based in the UK and use to find numbers
I use a MacBook air & standard Garageband standard software to record calls & Movie edit pro (£20 one off payment) to edit videos once the Garageband files I want to use have been converted to MP3.

At the moment I am using Skype (which costs me around £5pcm per number & £12pcm line rental for unlimited UK mobile / landline calls as I am having troubles using textnow (laziness & comfort is stopping me use this free software)

In terms of advice.. I always have my details planned and written down in front of me. My goal is to only receive / report bank accounts. The type of information I prepare is

Star sign and current age (sounds silly but they do ask)
National Insurance number
Address (has to be where my phone number is registered)
Key buildings close to my fake address
My phone number
My mobile number

I post all wins on Youtube. Feel free to watch & learn. As I mentioned, my goal is to only obtain details

Thanks alot for the good infos. I think this is a good base for further bullshitting with them.

Best regarts

Here’s a fresh SSA scam call center. They called me today and left a voicemail. I’ve been harassing them since.

Number (805) 209-4750


Typical SSA scammers in India. They call my cellphone every few days, but much of the voicemail message they leave get's cut off. Just the usual message about legal proceedings if I don't call back.