Got access to scammer billing info, what do I do?

They use payezee, however payezee support is not available right now. How can I report the fraudsters and help the victims of their scam get refunded? I have the account name and merchant number, with all of the names of their victims.

I did not refund in the billing area, because I was unsure of doing it.

Edit: I have added it all up, and they have stolen over $80,000 USD from their victims. Message me if you want their info.


@scraps210#5087 I tried these numbers, but was just thrown for a loop. I was actually able to reach a real person in one of the billing departments, however he would only accept reports if I were to have the address, number etc. I sent in an email to them, and I’ll see where that goes (trash most likely).


@memes#5088 Add my skype, I’ll do what I can, it’s reaper_259