Got a call from these guys: (866)-978-6759

A little backstory. I’m sleeping on the couch at my grandparents. I had to stay up late clearing my grandfather of a slew of browser hijackers and fishy chrome extensions. I go to bed and wake up to a call. It goes to voice mail and tells me “IMPORTANT MICROSOFT ALERT: Your windows key has expired and must be renewed. Call (866)-978-6759”

Screw around with em. Im too tired to do it myself but you guys can fill me in on what they do.

Called these guys a few minutes ago! They had me to to and download ultra viewer. He had me open msonconfig and did the whole these services are stopped because you license is expired deal. Transferred me to “Rick Miller” who also showed me netstat etc. These guys Told me to go to Walgreens and buy $600 in google play gift cards and call him back. Called him back on his “direct number” at 866-978-6041. He put a password on my VM while he thought I was gone. I called back and pretended to scratch off the cards and then said my friend told me it was a scam and not to do it. He hung up but I called back a few times and asked him how he slept at night knowing he steals money from people.

These guys are really green to us. They don’t check any of the VM stuff. They do run a bunch of scripts and have a cute little “technician working” script that looks like it is just some kind of dir.

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just called, no answer.