Google Voice confirmation code scam.

Scam Number: 619 478 0584
Domain Used:
Extra Info: At around 8PM CDT on Thursday 6/16/2022, I was in communication with a scammer who’s front was a free TV stand on Craigslist. The scammer used rough English, and asked to send a verification code to my phone number to prove that I’m human. I played along, and the verification code came from Google Voice. I stopped communication, blocked the number, and gathered the evidence that I was able to gather.

With this type of scam, the scammer attempts to get you to send them the verification code from Google Voice. If you comply, they will create a Google Voice account attached to your number, using it to A: possibly gather more personal information (depending on how well you have it secured) and B: commit more scams with YOUR phone number.

Pictures attached.

It’s worth noting that I was not aware that this was a scam until communications ensued.

Sent him a text pretending to ask about tv stand with a grabify link, will let you know if he bites.

Thank you for reporting this number, Google has been made aware of the potential security flaw.