Google Hangouts calls

Hey guys I can no longer make calls with Google Hangouts. What do you suggest? I can’t use Text Now or Google Voice because I’m not from the US. Any alternative ideas? Thanks

Yeah, Hangouts is no longer working. Did you try a work around with your VPN? Not certain if that works either any longer.

@guipc7#187210 have you tried using the textnow app to create new account? Using the android app for me in Australia works

@AussieScamBuster#187221 yeah, but I want to use my pc though

@AussieScamBuster#187221 Textnow does not work in my country though

@Jhawk#187216 I did, does not work

@guipc7#187224 you should be able to use the app without vpn to create acc, then use acc on pc with or without vpn