Good news | 419 Scam

john dugan [email protected]

good news

How are you doing today? Please I advised that
you should read this message very carefully and get back to me immediately to avoid wrong release of your fund worth of $30.7 Million USD presently
in our custody to the wrong person.

Based on the meeting held today with the United Nations Officials,
USA Officials with Office of the
President of the world bank and the treasury department of the United States of America regarding all overdue inheritance payment File of
which your name and email ID was listed among the unpaid beneficiary.
I am writing to inform you that your files appeared on our desk to pay
you a partial payment of $30.7 million Dollars of your funds.

But we are having misunderstanding because a lady by name Mrs. Monica
Cadle, from United States of America called our Office on last Friday
stating that she is your new next of kin that you have given her the
power of attorney to claim your unpaid Fund worth of $30.7
Million USD, she clearly informed our Office that you have instructed
her to receive the funds on your favor that you are greatly sick which
makes it impossible for you to answer all our calls and email to you
so far that you cannot work or answer any calls due to your present
health condition.

Executive Board of Director Federal Ministry of Finance are currently so confuse about her claim that was why the
authority instructed me to contact you for us to know if she is telling us the truth.she also request to pay for the delivery fee including the attorney signing release documents of your fund which is $500 only.but we stoped her from paying the $500 because it will be
unprofessional to agree with her immediately without emailing you for confirmation

If no response from you after 24 hours we will go ahead and release the funds to her info, so sorry for your present condition.

John C.Dugan