Good morning

Email sender: Miss Auel Adeline [email protected]
Email title: Good morning

Good morning
My name is: Miss Auel Adeline.
I’m contacting you because I want to be your friend and confide in
you. I have in my possession now 227 KG of Gold Bars, Quality: 23
carat, 95%pure that I inherited from my late mother. I want you to buy
or help me to find a buyer who can buy the gold at a better price than
the African price so you can help me to invest the money in your
country since I have no business idea. I want to leave Cote d’Ivoire
and relocate to your country to continue my education in your country.
I want you to stand by me as my tutor to sell this gold and for
investment in your country.I will be waiting for your response.
Miss Auel Adeline.