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I’m STEFANO PESSINA. I’m an Italian-Monegasque billionaire businessman and the vice-chairman, chief executive officer (CEO), and the largest single shareholder of Walgreens Boots Alliance. Due to this current situation (Corona Virus) that’s spreading all over the world, I myself and other 19 Italian Billionaires Donate More Than $45 Million to Fight Coronavirus In Italy. I also pledged to give away €1,500,000.00 to Individuals, Churches, and orphanages ETC…I have decided to donate €1,500,000.00 to you because your email address was among the lucky winners. If you are interested in my donation, do contact me for more info on my private email ( [email protected] ) You can read more about me via the link below

Warm Regard
Vice-chairman and CEO,
Walgreens Boots Alliance.
Stefano Pessina
Email: [email protected]

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