Gone Phishing with the boys - a Simple method for finding good phishing links

Thanks to @ZeroLogon on twitter we got a very sexy method. Make an Alt account, or a throw away. Go on twitter & follow this super simple method: image

Within 2.8 seconds you’ll have 2-90 Bots rushing your comments to tell you all about “our lord and savior” the Crypto, Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Cash App HaxxtorMan who’ll solve all your account problems.


Will try the method right now, will send the results.


Made the tweet like 3 minutes ago and i already got a spam reply

Will try scambaiting some assholes here too, probably will send the results later.


On a similar note, there are some Facebook groups that claim to give Instagram help. If you post that you were locked out of your Instagram account, you will get dozens and I mean dozens of scammers replying

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