snap chat ( daniels_wilso21)

instagram is (babywill__12)

( not a victim this time, I scam baited this account and wasted 4 hours of their time)

they try and gain the trust of their victim on Instagram, try and convince them that they’re interested in being friends, tell them to move to Snapchat, and then try and collect child pornography of the teen victim that they’ll use as blackmail. They threaten to send the pictures that the victim sent to their Instagram followers. They then demand very large ransom payments and if you pay them they never stop asking for more. I scam bait these kinds of scammers because I was a victim of this scam 2 months ago and I want to prevent future victims from having to go through the trauma that I went through.

be aware of the profile pic attached below, any account with that photo is almsot certainly a scammer.

IMG_9792 copy.HEIC


I was just reading a story about a guy in Canada who got trapped in one of these scams. He stepped in front of a train and ended his life. And he’s not alone, the story profiled several other people who met their fate through the scam, sadly :pensive:


Here is where the scammer got the pics from:


The scammer appears to have sent you some screenshots taken from his phone? Send those here as well, it could contain some useful information (his mobile ISP, time / time zone, phone model).

Do remember to censor the names first.


unfortunately I never really opened the screen shots too much, I just have a scrolling video of the blackmail threat and the pictures they sent and id have to censor that video to send it here anyways. and they blocked me lol. but I can try and scam bait them again from another account to try and obtain more info.

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This account tramped my very underage family member on Instagram and snap chat.Demanded money and when they did recieve it they proceeded to exploit him to others. Police were called and charges will be laid. He sent his icloud email and i was able to reverse search the profile picture on instagram, found the guys tiktok account he made with the picture, the idiot posted videos of himself !!

Here’s the tiktok, snap and Instagram profile the guy has made

Snapchat: Anges aaron


I was recently sextorted by the same under a different name. The Instagram is aubren21__ and upon blocking and reporting them I saw they created another account on Instagram l_lealand1. The Snapchat is aubnelson812. While this account does have some pictures of me, I have not given them any money and was able to to get a screenshot of how he wanted me to pay on Venmo. I also saw on the TikTok page that he was flexing Nigerian money, which would line up with the time difference between me and the screenshot. Obviously I blocked and reported all the accounts but should I worry about retaliation? Or do these sextortionists give up and move on? This happened a few days ago. I’m pretty shaken up and I’m glad to see some of you are already on the case. Note I’m not actually 17, but I wanted to spook him enough to not do anything rash.

Some person named kate lisa hmu on yubo i was talking the person led me to go on whatsapp doesnt have a real number
Gets my instagram but doesnt follow
Then wanted to get to know me barely
They Wanted pics but i already knew what was going on
I revesed searched all the images then got more images then kept going deeper found the person was posting the pics on escort websites and i found 2 instagrams
None of the names really matched up
Aswell as a twitter account with a whole different name
Then i got bros ip and the device he clicked on using and the browser that he opened it on a relitive area where he lives and these few pictures below
No idea what to do with all this info just spreading it out there

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I have this issue with this guy. Can I hit you up somehow and send you the screenshots he sent so I can get some help

Did they ever end up doing anything? What’s the update?

Can I send mine to you, if so how do I do it?

I’m not the police, I can’t do much for you even if you sent me the screenshots. The most I can do is give you additional information based on your screenshots, but at the end of the day, these information will only be useful if you give it to someone with authority, like the police.

Either way, it’s better if you post it publicly so everyone could act on the info. If there’s any reason you’d like it to be private, I don’t mind DMs.

Click on a profile, and there should be a “Message” button.

I don’t see it but I’ll post the accounts and things he’s using so we can report him

Do you have an update if anything happened? Did he reach back out to you or anything?

So this guy’s confirmed he’s a yuroba from Nigeria. Told me he’s struggling financially and is asking me for work haha. I think the photos he uses are from an escort called kate from ladys.one he confirmed he obtained his content from an escort.

Any updates?

I got blackmailed like this and called their bluff. They didn’t send the vid of me out to friends and fam. Looks like it was a bluff, but I’m a little bitter about it, as you can imagine.

Where can I find the story of the guy in Canada? Don’t suppose you still have the link?