Giving people money scam (414) 949-0230, (816) 892-7311, (443) 516-7210

Scam Number: (414) 949-0230, (816) 892-7311, (443) 516-7210
Domain Used:
Extra Info: His name is Tizul Williams he says, doesn’t want to call only text. many others in same group.

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Welcome to the community @MikeRotchIsLarge :fist:t3:
Can you give me a little more info about this? Is this/they social media scammers?

Add: 443 516-7210
All of these numbers tried to get me to buy gift cards.

sorry for the lack of information. Did a little digging, but I have been using TextNow to contact these scammers and he gave me his BTC address for the $200 payment, obviously, I didn’t pay it but I traced some large BTC transactions to one account which has already been reported to the BTC abuse database. That wallet had over $19 billion USD in total transactions. I don’t think I can do much else here, but the number’s always here and they are very active.

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That’s great info!!
I was messing with them and I got a few additional numbers. The one guy was getting nervous. He kept blocking me and I’d immediately change my number and text him right back. He actually asked me if was FBI. LoL :sweat_smile: