Gift Card Scam

Number: 256-743-6004

Say your name is Jose Cloud and you are calling because you received a charge of 300 dollars on your credit card from Platinum Rewards.

I’ve been calling them for the last 4 weeks now after they cold called me. I’m glad you enjoyed that number.

@Zack#982 Thanks for the number, I’ve called them about 50 times today. They’re amazing, especially the ‘supervisors’.

people ask me all time, George, how do I get my idea in front of companies… call my friends at Invent Help

@TomCloud#1094 hey i called to that number and they had meaby the longest scrip yet and i got a another number. 8885084680 i didnt get what that number exatly is because it went too fast. hope you get fun of this

Gift card rewards scam with “Lisa”

323 831 8505

Call originated with credit card rate reduction scammer.