Gift Card Scam WORKING 5:38 PM

ATT support but leads to scammers. 833.749.0569

Number is also used for Medical Scams

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Believe or not on ATT’s LEGITIMATE website! It alternates between those two maybe more!!

These numbers will remember your caller ID
If you call more than two of them then they will either return that the number is no longer in service, the nuber will drop instantly, or it will alternate to the standard Jessica Onarecorded line medical alert bracelet leadgen or the standard travel/car donation/legal one perhaps.
There are about 8 different leadgens as well as around 10 different $100 retail rebate voucher menus on hundreds of thousands of numbers throughout the numbering plan at all times
Test it by calling some of these types of numbers several times from the same callerID and it will often change each time you call

This particular number at this moment is the standard $100 retail rebate voucher each time
I just had my dialer call it 22 times, it didn’t change at all each time I dialed it

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Good thing I basically have an infinite amount of caller IDs, then. :slight_smile:


I generally use the phone numbers of actual scam or spam company personnel as my outgoing caller ID

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833 749 0569 the reckless walmart giftcard .
Bitch mckayla sure acted and sound like she was legit, but she also could be brainwashed . I take charge of conversation and ask questions in which I really never get any promising answers as a lot don’t know what they do. The odor and sound from another call with david in India about gift card reaked of sham. They are not answering me anymore so I am unable to harass or ask them anymore questions.

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