Getting past the initial 5 minutes

Hey all, I’ve been scam baiting for about a month now. When I have scammer hooked, I have so much fun with it. Keep ‘em on the line for over an hour in some silly situations. But that happpens once a week for me. Usually they hang up within the first few minutes of the convo. The main problem seems to be that they want access to my phone while I want them to access my VM. The other issue is they ask for my email address and after I provide it, they put me on hold and eventually hang up. Suggestions encouraged

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What type of email adress are you using?


I’m using my alias email. It’s a proton mail or a hotmail. One or the other

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Could state, What format is your email address in

Example: [email protected]


Maybe I’m not understanding your question. If you could explain why you want to k ow my format. I can answer your question better

I’m asking this in a polite manner; Why does my specific email address matter? If you’re wondering how childish my email address is, it is not at all. It is a regular name with some numbers in it. I was more thinking that the scammers were checking to see if my email address is on a list they send their initial scam out to or something along those lines.

Also I’m more concerned with getting around remote access to my phone instead of my VM. I seem to be coming across that issue quite a bit.

Young person, “I’m a construction worker. I work outside, so I use a flip phone”

Old person, “I use a Jitterbug phone, will that work?”

Fact is, many scammers are not working in a call center and don’t even have a computer. They are scamming with just a phone.

As for email, I wouldn’t give them protonmail. There’s probably never been a scam victim who uses protonmail. That would be a dead giveway, I think.


Ok, thanks. This is good. Those are good responses with the phone issue.

I have come across the same problem with using a hotmail email. So I’m still kinda wondering what’s going on there.

Do you sound like a young, white male?
If so, you’ll need to overcome that by changing your speech pattern. Try slowing down.

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Solid advice, appreciate it greatly

Could you also give me tips on number hunting?

Do you have an account on

Ok, I checked it out and I see a lot of numbers there. What’s the difference between that site and the scam forum here?

BobRTC is a platform for calling scammers, whereas we are just an information listing forum.


I was asking because you asked about number hunting, and I have a number hunting group on chat and I would invite you to it.

Nice, I will definitely join. Thx!

Ahhh, I see. I’ve been using the scam forum to call them :man_facepalming:

Seems I’ll have to wait until tomorrow. There is a timeframe to sign up and it’s too late in the day. I will definitely sign up tomorrow. Thank you for this information!

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