Get my scambaiting number some voicemails and emails

[email protected] get me some refund emails
(415) 853-4101 sign my scambaiting number up to all robocall lists, get me some refund voicemails, and such so I can post some new scam numbers here.


Getting my number on some robocall lists would be brilliant, too. I’m just not sure the best way to accomplish this task, but I don’t love coming home from work every day to an empty voicemail box. I like doing a little after work scambaiting. It’s also fun to see which ones are 24/7 and which ones are not.


Would you please include me in this request. If so, my email is [email protected] and my google voice number is 617-398-7257. Thank you very much.


@jacobrachel Welcome!


would be nice if people would do it for you, sorry but you have to do it yourself.

Sign up for the national DNC (do not call) registry you’ll get spammed enough in a matter of days

Thanks a lot.

Many airline scammers are 24x7

Welcome to the community @jacobrachel

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