Genuine Tech Support - 1-844-331-2999

Genuine Tech Support - 1-844-331-2999

Stop spamming.

Nice try, advertising on our site.


@R34P3R#9272 can you help me with getting someones ip please

@dannykaboom#9278 All users IP’s are logged. There’s no magic to getting it as an Administrator.

Im spamming the spammer lmao

You call trying to syskey my Linux genuine than ye your genuine :smiley:

No magic for me either @R34P3R#9280

@R34P3R#9280 Hi, could you help me? i got scammed for about 90$ in total, i have proof aswell, if you do steam accs heh…

@Smyggrek#9402 Be careful next time.

@scraps210#9408 Yeah, it was a hard one. He seemed trusted.

@Smyggrek#9421 If someone is offering you to pay through pay pal or wire transfer, it is most definitively a scam.

@Smyggrek#9421 Sure, message me on skype at reaper_259

Usually they ask for a check. @scraps210#9422