Gentech tech support!

Ask for Abhinav or Sid.


I guess it is kinda dead

Called them ~50 times yesterday or the day before. Now dead on Google Voice, unavailable on FireRTC. Too bad, wanted to talk to the legendary Sid…

It’s going through for me on FireRTC. I’ll let you know if I get an answer.


They still up, don`t let them fool you. They go off for a bit and come back. I just talked to a scammer a second ago.

Seems like a big gang, I harassed the shit out of em. I called them like 200+ time already in one session already and they picked up every single time. It is fun saying obnoxious shit without having any repercussions to these scammers.

Yeah, they’re definitely still up.

These scumbags are still alive, and I made them block most range of skype number, One of the scumbags in the background said to another scumbag who was on phone with me that I will not be able to call them now since they just blocked all the ranges of number used by skype.

Just had a morning dose of calls with them, was phun! Those fuckers literally think I am residing in India because of my fluency in Indian language.

I got a reply. It works on FireRTC

I’ve been calling them non-stop for the last 2 hours. They’ve finally stopped answering their phones (05:30PM GMT) so I’m guessing that’s when they stop scamming.

Trying to get passed to Sid now. He just hung up, then tried Abhinav and the guy just said something like Border in a strange accent then hung up. Im going to have fun with these guys. They ask for a customer ID and if you don’t have one, they hang up. Im guessing just make up a number.

They added menu for calls to avoid my bots lol

@ITGUY#1281 STILL WORKING! I bet these mararchods are hating their job and life rn.

@Nuwn#1745 They want Lewis to call them again, or they enjoying the prank calls lol

These seem like a massive group

Dead on my end with fire RTC

@bobby4212#1769 They seem to be available one day, unavailable the next.

Number is still up guys just called him.

They’re funny, they keep calling me. I record the calls using a (paid) app called TapeACall and I use it to sue them as they can see who is on the line. I’ve got a total of 600$ from them. I suggest you do the same! Eventually they will not have enough money for paying their army of scammers! Happy scammer prank calling!