GenTech System Managment IS NOT A SCAM

Hey everyone I want to make a quick post about this, the company GenTech System Managment is NOT A SCAM. There was a company called GenTech LLC that was pretending to be this company they were a scam and have since been abolished. People have been confusing the scam company with this real company, because of this, the legit company has been spammed with calls.

Here are the real company's info

Scammers info:
They had many toll-free numbers

Do NOT harass this legit company and confuse them with the scammers that were imposing them. This company is NOT a scam, any posts of this phone number will result in a major punishment, posting real company numbers is a huge deal and taken very seriously.

Thanks for your cooperation all!

Their website also has a negative rating on WoT due to this.

Oh no, no, no! They said I received a gift and connected me to this hilarious guy with an Indian accent!