General Update on Tech Support Scammer

This is just a general update on tech support scammer in the city of kolkata and delhi (India) as many of you delhi is a major hub of tech support scam and kolkata is also in the run . There has been many raids by local police in city of kolkata and delhi on tech support scammer and also an entire gang 5 main owners of the these caller center have been caught although it is a start but it is not enough

check out the kolkata police link


@harry99#10430 sigh… its a good thing about these police raids and all, but from what we can see now, I don’t think we can do anything to stop this scam as there are millions around the world doing it. I guess the least we can do is waste their time… Idk why but sometimes I wish that not all of these scammers are raided just so that we can waste their time and continue what we enjoy.

@heinekenprince#10434 i know that all the scammers are not raided and i know that these guys will get out with just a small amount as penalty but hey its a start at least the police is doing something

@harry99#10436 yeah

Everybody needs to use a packet sniffer whilst scambaiting. The IPs are the best way to get close to their locations.

@FuelDaFlame#10443 till my knowledge goes the police cracked down on the money laundering or the hawla people who told the name of the scammer and indian police actually doesn’t care about scammer much it is an opportunity for them to earn some money as bribe