General question

So how do you find the numbers or are they just calling yall? kinda new to the scambait game but im a great actor and so far have been keeping them on the phone for about 20-30 min to just waist their time and keep them from scamming others

You can easily find scammer pop-ups by going to misspelled versions of common URLS. (Ex: "youtibe.) Beware, this can sometimes be dangerous because it can crash your computer and download unwanted files depending on the type of pop-up. Another way to find numbers is to simply google “microsoft technical support” and limiting the search results to the past 24 hours or week. You can also search for technical support on Twitter, because they frequently post their numbers on there as well. Just dig around for a while, and you are sure to find numbers in plain sight.

I get atleast 3 calls a day for student loan scams, health insurance scams, and believe it or not car air conditioning insurance scam which is a new one. They call from random Hawaii area code phone numbers (808) yet say they’re from California or Washington. They’re all from India of course.

try typing in youtube wrong like or any major website. it usually finds you a number